Greeley colorado lesbian.

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Krissy Freirose, laughs as her wife Anne Freirose hugs her from behind on Friday at their home in west Greeley. While attitudes towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people have improved nationally, resources for the LGBT community barely existed in Greeley outside of the University of Northern Colorado.

Greeley colorado lesbian.

Some resources even began disappearing across northern Colorado by the end of last year. Anne Freirose kisses her wife Krissy Freirose on the head while they stand over their crib at their home in west Greeley. The couple are hoping to adopt a baby soon.

With the resource in northern Colorado dwindling for the LGBT community many individuals have stepped up to create their own support groups and social groups. Krissy Freirose, left, and her wife Anne Freirose walk their dog, Oliver, in their neighborhood in west Greeley. Krissy and Anne found a much more accepting community in Greeley than they initially expected however like many communities in northern Colorado the LGBT community still lacks resources.

Anne Freirose offers up a ball for Remy Jensen, 18 months, as he's help by Krissy Freirose while they babysit at their home in west Greeley. So Krissy and Anne heeded some of that advice. They did move to Greeley, but Krissy works as a manager at Home Depot and requested to be transferred to the Fort Collins store, a community her in-laws and Vermont manager insisted was more accepting of gay and transgender people.

Freirose loved the city so much she transferred to the Greeley Home Depot. But at the same time attitudes steadily improved, resources for the LGBT community, such as support groups, hotlines and sponsored events, barely existed in Greeley outside of the University of Northern Colorado. Not only that, they began disappearing across northern Colorado by the end of last year. Now residents in Greeley and northern Colorado are finding new ways to replace those resources.

Greeley colorado lesbian.

Since the beginning of this year, those resources include a support group for LGBT youth, a social group for LGBT adults and a new organization planning a massive, four-day Pride weekend in the last weekend of this month.

None of these groups provide professional therapy, but they do supply a space for discussion, celebration and friendship for LGBT people and allies. Mawson is a retired minister and marriage and family counselor who performed his first same sex marriage ceremony in He said people imagined a space for gay and transgender students and parents to discuss the issues they face seven years ago, but it never came together.

Greeley colorado lesbian.

He, Kennedy and other Greeley residents decided to give the idea another try. Kennedy is a retired school teacher. She visited each high school and junior high counselor, asking if there was a need for a student-focused LGBT support group. The Greeley chapter is in the process of getting certified and hosts meetings once a month for gay, lesbian and transgender kids and their families.

Between 20 to 35 people attend each meeting. Now, families and kids in the same school district, even in the same grade, can discuss and vent about the struggles they encounter, like bullying or prejudice. In June, she created a social group called the Society of Unlimited Lifestyles focused on building networks and friendships for gay, lesbian, transgender and transsexual people and their supporters. For Cates, participating in the group makes good business sense. Multiple people messaged her saying they were thrilled to find an organization like this in Greeley, including a woman moving in from out of town who needs to make new connections.

The storefront used to house non-gendered bathrooms, offer support services and a chance to talk to someone working at the center. They also sponsored a small annual Pride event. Kimberly Chambers grew up in Windsor and lives in Fort Collins, volunteered at the Fort Collins office and was devastated when it shut down at the end of She used to answer the LGBT support hotline, provide information and listen to whomever needed to talk. She remembered an year-old man called in often. His wife died six years prior, and Chambers was the first person to whom he ever came out.

From her experience, Chambers understood people in northern Colorado needed things like the hotline or Pride events that would no longer be available. So she decided to do something she called crazily ambitious: throw a northern Colorado Pride event. Local advertisers and businesses donated billboard space to advertise the events.

The radio station KRFC offered free publicity. The support from local businesses allowed the group to turn Pride into a four-day weekend with 11 events such as comedy shows, a Rainbow Prom for teenagers, dance parties and an LGBT film night. Though the events take place in Fort Collins, Chambers hopes people see it as a northern Colorado event. Chambers speculated perhaps the northern Colorado gay and transgender community wants restaurant gatherings the most, or kid-friendly activities or maybe movie nights. Chambers hopes to fund and tailor the project well into the future, starting with reinstalling the phone line that went dead seven months ago.

Chambers thinks resources left not because of lack of demand, but lack of visibility of the northern Colorado gay and transgender community. Others, like Freirose and Cates, think some things, like the gay bar shutting down, could be a ifier of greater public acceptance. Freirose explained LGBT people might not need a separate space as much as they used to because they feel more safe, more comfortable in regular spaces they rarely frequented before.

And oh, by the way, I happen to be gay. She knows a couple of people at her church who are extremely cautious about being openly gay.

Greeley colorado lesbian.

She also values interacting with and just being near a community of LGBT people and supporters, which is what gay and transgender advocates in Greeley and northern Colorado are trying create. Recently, she and Anne went down to PrideFest in Denver. You can refinish your bathroom or kitchen for less than you think! Get the natural stone look on a budget Is it time for a new address?

But what can we do about it? Show Caption. By Emma Pettit.

Greeley colorado lesbian.

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Greeley colorado lesbian.

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