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I started TaeKwonDo when I was 8 inmy mum wanted me to take classes so I could gain a bit of confidence. Pat and his team took me under their wings and I haven't looked back since.

Wanna chat over Newberry

I always strived for perfection practising my foot positioning and kicks for hours. I loved the coloured belt gradings always trying to achieve the best result and be the best I could be, how could I not with Karen and Pat giving me the hard stare.

Wanna chat over Newberry

Competitions in my colour belt days were good and I especially loved being a red belt with Hwa-Rang being my favourite pattern by far, I was an English and British champion at this pattern. Being a boy in the black belt division was tough going the competition was always really high.

I remember my mum at one competition worried that as a 12 year old I was sparring someone with a fully grown beard.

Wanna chat over Newberry

I remember my trips to daventry to train with Master White and the Tuesday pad training sessions that left me battered and bruised, these all laid a strong foundation for me. I am immensely proud to be part of p4tkd and was prouder still when I became part of Pat's team, coaching some of the new recruits. Seeing them grade, especially the young ones for the first time and achieve their new belts, is so rewarding. I can see why Pat loves his job so much.

Pats nurturing and commitment to me has been boundless, the club not only supports you through your tkd journey but through your own life too. Although now my own work commitments have meant that I am not able to coach TaeKwonDo anymore, which I really miss i would not have had the confidence to do what I do now without the foundation instilled by Pat and the other instructors. After going through 3 black belt gradings I can honestly say the only person I want to impress while I'm there is not the panel of Masters in front of me but the one who is sat behind me willing me to do well, Pat.

Finally I would like to say thank you Pat for the past 11 years I am proud to have trained at you clubs and have you not only as my instructor and mentor but as my friend as well. I still remember the first lesson Jack had at the club to this very day.

Wanna chat over Newberry

He had to work so hard to be the best he can. I know for a fact that His mum played a big part in his kicking to help him practice at home. Mostly the mum than Paul as we know Karen is in charge! Jack is a loyal as they come very reliable and never has let me down. I am so proud of him not in just TKD but in life. Jack was part of the team with Anjali and Clogs who were the main junior helpers way back at 12 years. It brought the best out of him even thou they were always asleep on our trips to Banbury on Sundays mornings.

Those Sundays we looked forward because we would have a giggle and clogs and Anjali would spoil Jack good times.

Wanna chat over Newberry

Jack has helped so many students to become good not just me but well liked and looked up to be as good as. Jack always had the patience for the students, and is missed not being in the earlier class. Its team of friends and families and always be here when you wanna talk or in need of help. I am very proud that Jack is coaching at Rugby gym and one day he might be running it good on him. As a Tkd person if some one said what is Tkd I would say this is TKD Jack Newberry, as he can do it all, Patterns, break, Spar, Jumping kicks all of them, Korean, line work on point just fantastic, but most importantly no matter how good you are you most have a good personality.

Thank you Jack your Friend for life Pat Carter. News Licences that need doing. JACK Newberry. One proud instructor.

Wanna chat over Newberry Wanna chat over Newberry

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